Draft Day Special!!

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Well another NFL Draft Day has come and past and, as every year before there were a couple of really good moves and some really stupid ones. The one good thing is that if you are jaded, and I am, you can find holes in any draft. So here we go!

The first draft of this year pick went to the Houston Texans who, as they had done every year before, made a great pick that guarantees another loosing season! Having the first overall pick gave them the chance to pick up a rare player in Reggie Bush, but they decided to go with Mario Williams, a very good defensive end who was willing to make a great deal less a year.

In the second pick New Orleans picked up that very rare player in Reggie Bush. In the off season they addressed their need for a quarterback and picked up Drew Brees. They do have a very high paid starting running back in Duece McCallister and of course a dismal offensive line that couldn’t stop my 1 year old niece from getting to a nut roll. Yeah I don’t see an impending problem there. Reggie Bush had better be able to avoid being tackled by himself, because he isn’t going to get any help. This is another pick that will get the Saints another early draft pick next year. Although I dont think if they had drafted Clark Kent they could avoid that.

The third overall pick was spent on one Vince Young, by the Titans, who is, in all honesty, the single greatest potential in this draft. He has the ability to run like only Michael Vick does and actually can pass the ball with some degree of accuracy which Vick has as of yet been unable to do. The only downside to this move is the fact that they have a starting quarterback and a great back up and now they have salary cap issues! Three good quarterbacks and no good running backs. They should have traded up to get Bush.

For the fourth pick of this draft the New York Jets drafted D’Brickashaw Ferguson an immensely talented offensive lineman to address the fact that peacekeepers in Iraq are safer where they are than the Jets quarterback in that pocket. Now they are in kind of a desperate situation because they need to address the failing health of their quarterback Chad Pennington. At least they addressed one of their major needs. Now they will have to get a healthy quarterback, a younger running back, any number two reciever (they only have one on the roster that can catch anything including a ballon) and learn the new offense and defense. Look forward to this team getting fairly good in the year 2025, but not before then.

With the fifth pick Green Bay picked up A.J. Hawk an outside linebacker from Ohio State. This is a great lottery for linebackers and I couldn’t fault the packers for drafting Bozo the clown. They can use all the help they can get. Man, were they horrible last year. They got the incomperable Brett Favre back which means they could be very dangerous but if they loose as many people as they did last year New Orleans will be sending teams to help with the devastation.

As for San Francisco, the sixth pick, they picked up Tight End Vernon Davis which will give them someone else to watch their quarterback get sacked. They should have drafted Denver’s offensive line. Okay so they were really bad and now there is someone for their last years first round draft pick to throw to. Allowing that the people rushing the quaterback only move with the help of walkers. Why didnt they draft Denver's line?

Oakland in the 7th overall pick drafted a strong safety. With one of the most potent offensive forces in the league in Randy Moss they decided to pick up a defensive back in hopes that this will make the offensive coordinator throw Moss the ball. With the new coaching staff one would hope they hired a 10 year old who has played Madden at least once in his life. That is pretty much all it takes to figure out that 50% of your offense should run through Randy Moss if not more. Just a suggestion but with their history could we see Marcus Vick there soon? Just a thought. They do need a quarterback.

I know there were a lot more drafts that were stupid to some degree but lets face it. I just dont care enough about you to discuss them all.



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