Paying for College

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I am not independently wealthy, despite promises from my wife to become so before we got married. (I think she may have thought the whole conversation was in jest) So that means paying for college is going to be a challenge. I am going to be retiring from my job and going to school full time. The University of Minnesota’s architecture program requires you to be a full time student so there isn't much of a choice there. It’s very exciting to get the opportunity but also very scary, as I will be unemployed for the first time in a long time.

The whole process of returning to school is a very scary thing and it provides an ample opportunity to trust God, not as if trust is an easy thing.

Just because we are trusting in God doesn’t mean that we aren’t actively pursuing every available dollar. Aside from the FASFA, which won’t get us much help because of the bracket we are in, I have been running down every scholarship that I can apply for. I have filled out at least 30 so far and have a couple more with later deadlines that I am still working on. Please pray that some of them come back with some funding because it is going to be a hard road for Gina and I. We need all the assistance that is available and some additional blessing.

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