Turtles in a half shell, Turtle Power!!

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I am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. I am sick of hiding it just because of the anti ninja America backlash. With all the cheap plot-free poor-acting movies that have been spawned by the ninja craze, America has forgotten its true ninja roots. They have forgotten the classically named, rodent-trained, slimy heroes of our yesteryears. Well my yesteryears, for you it was probably like high school or college or something. Man you are old. But that isn’t as important as remembering what really made a 3-year section of American cartoons great: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Don’t act like you don’t miss Splinter, the sensei rat who took the nuclear waste covered turtles under his wing and somehow, by means still unknown to the US government, taught them to talk and fight and order pizza. It reflects on a simpler time when just the mention of chemical waste would give you the license to do pretty much whatever you wanted to. A splash of chemical here, a dash of toxic waste there, and just a pinch of plutonium and the most wondrous things would happen. That is what made the TMNT great. You totally thought if you could just get your hands on some nuclear waste you could turn your dog into some sort of gigantic, crime-fighting hippie.

I started a new job yesterday.

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Yeah. I started what would be accurately described as an actual career. The day was earmarked by the normal first day jitters. The profuse sweating that you insist was caused by a "severe water cooler malfunction." Sliding past the long lines of new co-workers to mutter "same to you" at when they congratulate me on the new job. The laugh that even Frankenstein would classify as weird and alienating after realizing that I clearly cannot talk to people despite that being my new job. Spending so much time trying to run around and do everyone's menial jobs such as throwing their trash away for them and licking envelopes. We have all been there. It just begs the question. What exactly am I supposed to do when people stop thinking that my antics are endearing?


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Normally I use my blog space to occupy the over zealous imagination that courses in my head. So, usually I write pretty stupid things that I had intended to be somewhat humorous but it didn't feel right on the tragic day of our generation to write anything trite. Today marks the 5 year anniversary of September 11th. Recently there has been two movies released to commemorate that horrid day. I have watched both in the past few weeks and have spent some of my time discussing personal stories from the day with my girlfriend. So much has been said to this end and about this day that it seem foolish to think that I could add anything. So I resolve myself to say only this. Always remember the 11th of September. Some of my friends have stated that they are upset at the making of these movies and I truly understand this sentiment. Yet I enjoyed the fact that they were made because it has reminded us and gives some people a way to even further remember. To each his own in the memory of this day and if you don't want to watch this movie that is fine, even thought I highly recommend "The World Trade Center", and if you don't that is fine as well. Just don't forget.



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