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Why is it exactly that our world has all the stability of a new Microsoft release? Kevin would probably tell you that it has something to do with too few people experiencing the overwhelming joy of being saved by zero. He might be right. After all, he was right about June 26th. I think we were all pretty shocked.

I have my own opinions, none of which are funny. Here are some opinions that no one has expressed.

~ Too many movies about outer space. People are spending all their mental energy on preparing for the eventual move to space and have spent no time on our own planet.

~ Global warming. People have blamed lots of stuff on Global warming but I think I might be the first to blame the crumbling world economy on it.

~ Dick Cheney… Oh, no wait everything has already been blamed on him.

~ Carrot Top. Did anyone else notice that when his comedy specials stopped so did the housing market… like 8 years later. On a side note, why does he spend so much time building his biceps and so much time on making his face look like a woman’s but no time on anything that could be mistaken as an act?

~ The last two brain cells in Gallagher brain collided and sent him into a tail spin of pure insane ecstasy. Did the watermelon get a restraining order on this man or did he just collapse under the raw power of the humor void created by his own act.

~ Reality TV. Now I know that TV has been taking much of the brunt of our social ills for about 10 years now but Reality TV takes the lowest level of life, which is clearly absorbing more than contributing and zips it into our home. For what reason you might ask? Keeping these idiots from ruining the work the rest of us are doing. Could you imagine the setbacks our economy would have suffered if the cast of any of these TV shows played an actual role in society? If we had more reality TV shows we could clean up these human waste lands from the streets.

~ Britney Spears. Why is it that the craziest of what our celebrities have to offer get the most coverage. How about a little less time with Gary “I will rip out your endocrine system” Busey and a little more time with Gary “I support our troops and common sense” Sinise.

Found Myself

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The undergrowth is withdrawn into is wintering state
Every leaf laden trail beckoning an excursion
The chance of a new breath never touched by lips
Adventures that are uniquely my own
The calling that I cannot resist lures me
To share with me its secrets, places
The cooling unwavering grip of confidence
The unforgiving challenge of complete acceptance
As natural as the urges that drives us there
The hope of freedom, promise of the steadfast
To nature I run. You will find me there
For there I found myself

The New Rubber Stamp

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Firstly, I am proud to be an American today. Not because my candidate won but rather because of the strides that we have made as a culture over the past century and even over the past few decades in the way of race equality. Where as I don’t think that is a reason to elect a person as President, and it is not my intention to say that is the only reason he was elected but at the least a part of it, it is a mental obstacle that we have struggled to surmount.

I don’t understand racism. We are physically all the same outside of a small shade of the covering our bodies are adorned with. And if I am to be quite far some perceived shortcomings have been perpetrated by the egregious actions of white Americans. You would not have a Harvard graduated African-American who was a well renown lawyer run for office because they were not afforded those opportunities in the past.

For that monumental step in the betterment of humanity I am proud. I completely disagree with much of Obama’s voting record and find some of it morally deplorable but I am proud that he was not encumbered in his pursuit of the highest office in the land. It is my hope that a woman will also be in that office soon, although I must be forthright in my hopes that she would not share the same political views as our President Elect.

Before I leave the topic there is one admonishment that I would like to wager on the American public, the people who vote liberal directly. You hated, by your own words, when President Bush had both the House and the Senate in his same party. You complained about corruption and “the rubber stamp”. Well, guess what you did in this election. You gave the rubber stamp to Obama who isn’t even the leader of his party. Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi will listen to what “the kid” has to say? And she has and even lower approval rating the President Bush, who is worse than Hitler if we are to take you all at your word.

Obama wants to spend 700 billion dollars on new “Green” technologies. In case you weren’t aware the Government gets its money from taxes. So unless they are going to cut the Defense department completely then that means more taxes, which is what you want in a down economy. I am just saying you might want to start saving money.

Last Second Political Pitch

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In a day or possibly in a few minutes (depending on when you are reading this) you are going to vote for some people to take your money and spend it on stuff that you would never dream of spending it on.

The most important thing to remember is that anyone who is on that ballot is unfit to bear the moniker of humanity. No matter who you vote for they have done some things that are considered inhuman and are probably stealing from someone right at this moment.

So fill in your circles and then go home and mail a blank check to the scum you just voted for so they can easily access your bank accounts and continue in their diabolical ways.

Oh, and don’t smile while you vote. Politicians hate that.

Here is the lasted Rock TV. You will notice a bit of a political twinge to it.

I am Voting for the Death/Tickles ticket!



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