Truth and Consequences.

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You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect, where the butterfly’s beating wings cause a hurricane halfway across the world. In essence, Small things can have monumental implications. How much more so an attitude can effect, if not the world around you, your perception of the world.

I am not making humans out to be super-powered world changers by mere though. Rather that we change our own worlds by it.

People who are happy at their core better endure the trials that life tends to hurl at us in rapid succession. The real truth about truth and consequences are that they both exist. There is such a thing as truth and knowing that, or not knowing that, has consequences.

I am going to briefly cover this with a first-tier example. Gravity, say you didn’t know about gravity or you just forgot. You are standing at the top of a canyon and you want to get to the other side of the canyon. Lets say you are compelled to hurry because it is hot and there is an ice cream cone on the other side of the canyon melting. (I know, you forgot about gravity but remember ice cream, it’s a stretch but you see where I am going) If you don’t know about gravity you are going to run off the edge of the cliff and have Wylie Coyote type consequences.

We all get that but do we understand the other side of the equation. If you know about gravity in our little example then you know there is no way to get to the ice cream in time. Not the biggest loss in the world to you but to the “you” in our example it is everything.

There are two sides to truth and where as most people say ignorance is bliss, what they really mean is ignoring is bliss. They know the both sides of it but where one side of the truth is incredibly liberating, the other side is altogether damning. At least it can be.

Now to my point, if you believe there is a heaven then you should be able to reason there is a hell. How can you have a perfect being who doesn’t have any standards? You have standards, why shouldn’t God. And if he has standards then some people aren’t going to make the cut.

I know, you have thought of this before but to what level. Look at the guy next to you on the way home today. In the car next to you or on the bus or walking on the sidewalk, that guy could be going to hell. Not that he might not be a nice guy but God has standards. What if this guy is just one good thing below the line before he dies? He gets on the scale (not a real scale but a metaphorical one) and he doesn’t have enough good to get him in.

That is my problem with spirituality. You want God to exist and you want heaven but you don’t want to feel like you might not be good enough and you don’t want people judging you. That’s the hard side to truth I am talking about. And do you want some more truth?

Suck it up. We all have to deal with that. You can stick your head in the sand and hope that the whole “I didn’t know” defense works, but you know that it doesn’t work for you. Sure God has more compassion than you do but he also has more of everything else, like standards and expectations and rights.

So before you get upset about what I just said, ask yourself. Why am I so upset? If what I said didn’t make any sense you would just shrug it off and move on. But if you get upset, you might have to look at that side of truth you have been ignoring for a while now. Yeah there is truth and these are the consequences. Just because you want life to be convenient don’t expect it to be. It isn’t



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