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Honk if you vote democrat! That way we all can know that you are stupid. Okay so maybe that is a bit harsh but sometimes you guys deserve it. Like the other day when I was driving past one of the many liberal, private colleges that have a budget rivaling Cuba a group of you had congregated with signs at a stop light. Your signs read as follows: Honk if you think Israeli occupation of Palestine is wrong. Okay so this is the dumbest idea ever. You honestly thought that if enough people in Minnesota (located in the United States of America. I only say this because I assume you no idea what a globe looks like. The USA is nowhere near the Middle East; Israel or Palestine) honk their horns that Israel will forget that the Palestinians keep firing missiles into Israel and how an Israeli officer is being held captive. For some reason you think that honking is the solution to peace. That’s the way people in padded rooms reason. First of all you need to realize that Palestine is asking for it. Literally; they started it this time. Or at the very least they keep shooting missiles at Israel and won’t stop. Secondly you need to understand that honking will never cause a cease fire. Honking only makes people angrier. So stop making people honk after every inane thing you decide to rally behind and incase you were thinking this, and we all know you were, honking will not save any whales or rainforest or endangered dung beetle. Now, a bongo drum…



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