Snow Confuses Minnesota Drivers

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In the past week Minnesota has been slammed with two gigantic snow storms which as Ole Peterson of Blaine claims “Just didn’t make no sense now.” The barrage of white cold driving inhibitors caught everyone by surprise as people everywhere chose to drive their new Ford Mustangs to work instead of their snow proof AWD Astro Vans. This created a large panic as it took people nearly all weak to make their commute to work. Many or the employees of larger companies received emails from executive (who were in the Galapagos Islands) that the severe weather would not count as a valid excuse to miss work. Jimmy Severson who has a staggering 33 block commute from Fridley to Columbia Park left early on Monday to “miss the traffic” rolled into work on Thursday at 8:30 in the evening to find many of his work companions trying to shovel their way into the parking lot that the city plows had blocked the entrance to. “Seems like the only thing that gets plowed are huge piles of snow in front of our parking lot entrees.” quipped an angry man. “The death toll for these series of storms rivals the horrific numbers of the hurricanes that ravaged the gulf coast,” said Channel 9’s Chief Meteorologist Janie Peterson, “If you multiply it by like a lot.” Many of the citizens of Minnesota staved off driving in the deteriorating conditions because they hadn’t seen weather like that since a month ago. And as weather conditions get steadily worse and the snow melts one can only speculate that spring is coming. Another one of the four seasons Minnesota drivers are complete unaware of how to drive in.

Sorry it took me so long to update this but.... hey look at that.

Newborn Letters

Dear God I finally realized You’re true
And I finally gave my life to You
I am really excited that my heart is Yours
Please write back Sincerely, Yours

My dear, dear child I have waited so long
To receive this letter, hear you’ve turned from wrong
There are so many things I want to say to you
But for now know that I am faithful. I love you

Dear God I was so glad to read what You wrote
It’s hard to think that You have the time for me.
I don’t know why You loved me but I am glad
Pleas tell me more of what I need to know. Sincerely, Yours

Dear little child so young you are so eager
Please don’t let the world strip you of that.
I just wanted you to know you were created for my delight
You were born to bear my light. I love you

Dear God, I am afraid to let You down
I’m scared that I will fail and You’ll be hurt
What must I do to change my evil ways
I will do whatever You say. Sincerely, Yours

My child I am pleased with you always.
So many know my name but lack desire
Trust in me and in my grace to cover you
I give my word, my life, I won’t let you down. I love you

Dear God so much growth in just one week
I cannot imagine Your mysteries so deep
I know there is so much more to learn
Will You please write back soon. Sincerely, Yours

My little child you will always receive
A little bit more of the truth of me
And you need not worry I will never leave
I will always write more for you to read. I love you



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