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It was a rather peculiar thought that brought me to where I am today. Most people would call it disturbing, bordering on crazy and definitely evil. But I have set aside the perspective of humanity for the perspective of truth. No one can argue against its fundamental truth.

People are never more ready to accept God then in the face of tragedy, where their fears and frailty are laid before them. In short, it is easier to believe in God when you can clearly see the Devil.

This has been my life’s work.

It was hard, the first time I took a life. I started with an individual who was deserving of death; a drug dealing pedophile. It was a simple cut across his neck as he lay passed out from the drugs he pedaled on children.

It wasn’t so much that he hadn’t earned death, but rather that I didn’t have the heart to do it. Even in the case of such an unsavory character. I am by all accounts a man of morals and a fierce believer of God.

I have since a young age been passionately devoted to my firm belief in a higher power. It was that belief that drove me toward a parish in my more formidable years, despite my parents’ aversion to organized religion.

But I knew I wasn’t meant for the priesthood. I wanted to do something so great that it startled the world into recognition of the presence of God. So I study history in order to find out what was the driving force in the existence of humanity that turned the masses to faith.

The answer was so simplistically sweet that I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled upon it, death. Humans fear death. Even when we act like we don’t, it is constantly driving our decisions.

And more so than just any death but the horrific and unexplainable deaths and tragedies fueled rivers of converts to the understanding of God. It was in the quiet discovery of this phenomenon that I decided that I would be the damn that released that flood.

At first I started out killing people who had by any right earned death. But even when I would mutilate the bodies in a public forum the floods would not commence.

It was in this quintessential moment that I gained further insight into human nature. Even when we don’t think we have, we place a value on every life. The life of those we love we value the most followed by those we have met. Then it is children who have not yet had a chance at life. Next comes productive society, or those we deem to be valued inside our accepted social constraints. After that come the elderly and mentally ill, whom we mourn but are quick to point out that their life was without the joy we experience. Finally, the leeches of society; those who do nothing and take everything: the criminals, habitually unemployed and homeless, lazy self serving people who have it coming.

I had started, from my own moral apprehensions, in the lowest cast of perceived society. It wasn’t until I stepped outside of the morals of our culture that I was able to ascertain the greater truth of my own failed attempts. I had to make the horror be accompanied with a cost.

It was then that I started working my way up the levels. I needed to see which level best removed the blinders from the public eye and forced them to turn in their misery into the loving arms of a creator.

You might think of me a horrible maniacal person, but the results are not to be argued with. At most I have taken a few hundred lives that would have ended up going to hell anyway and have in the process saved the souls of thousands.

I had to let the world see the Devil face to face in order to fill the streets of heaven.

My work isn’t done yet, until that final day when we are all called home. I will know unequivocally that I have been used to save thousands from eternal torment. It is my hope that my story will incite others to act and pursue the glory of God by compelling the lost into his arms.

Altruistically Devoted,
He whom the Media has dubbed
The Bloody Priest

- This is the backbone of another story idea I had. I am trying to finish something completely and then post it.

Ascend No More

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I looked upon these things
Weighed them on the scales of my heart
They are without merit
And try as I might I cannot bear them anymore

How can I pose myself in such a fashion?
As a manikin, a smile born façade of the empty vessel
The lie and pretentiousness that even I despise
I am not what I would be and cannot become otherwise

There is a weight to life
We are not told of it before
Yet we commence none the less ignorant
Pain swipes from side to side of our intended paths

Can I change the course or outcome
Affect my own escape from a false reality
Bear the broken heart of existence
From apex to apex until
I ascend no more



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