Movies for the next year

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For those of you who know me... which is none of you really. I am very complex.

But for those of you who are imaginary and know me, know that it is all about the story for me. I love a good story and am basically waiting for the next big story to hit so I can get my fix.

Here is the upcoming movies this year that I am going to use, like a used needle from a junkie, to get my fix.

January 16th 2009 - Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Funny is a good thing. Kevin James delivers the funny.

January 23rd 2009 - Inkheart - the premise is interesting but hard to pull off without being incredibly cheesy. Kevin will undoubtably ridicule this movie but I like the somewhat cheesy movies. At least it is original... or as original as a writer can be when admittingly sampling every book ever.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - I saw the first two movies. This is a prequil. I am prepared for disapointment. I am certain they will deliver.

March 6th 2009 -Watchmen - this is the cannot miss movie of the year. The story is epic, the acting looks strong, the cinematography is breathtaking... dealing with the nerds at the movie who will be unable to control their squeals of delight out to make me angry.

March 27th 2009 - Monsters vs. Aliens - For great writing it seems that you have to include animation in your movies. I am really looking forward to this after a disapointment in Wall-E. Sorry, I wasn't looking for a feal good movie about robots.

April 3rd 2009 - Fast and Furious - I have no excuse. I might miss this one but I do really like cars.

April 24th 2009 - The Soloist - Ring up the Oscar nod for both the actors in this movie (robert downey Jr and Fox). This movie was made for awards but the story line looks good.

May 1st 2009 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine - I may have never feared a single movie so much in a long time. I have to see it. The x-men were my favorite but after the last movie I am hesitant. Also the fact that the Wolverine was supposed to be this muscular monstrosity.

May 8th 2009 - Star Trek - A serously high teck look at the future, now... pause free... This one is on the fence.

May 22nd 2009 - Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - also known as Jumangi 3 this movie could be a bust but it will be interesting to see if they can do it.

Terminator Salvation - Christian Bale is Batman... and don't you forget it. but this movie looks seriously intense. I am guessing another big hit for this big time actor.

May 29th 2009 - Up - Grumpy old men are funny. Add in something like one billion ballons and a fat boy scout and you have animation gold.

June 19th 2009 - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The first movie was good but they make the classic movie mistake. They killed the bad guy right away. I hate that in movies. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

July 10th 2009 - 2012 - I like john cusack but I have heard bad things about the script.

July 17th 2009 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - The story lines are basic but creative. I like creative but don't want to spend the time reading the books.

August 7th 2009 - G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra - I have seen the pictures for the movie and it looks like another "Doom". I wouldn't be suprised if this falls flat on its face. (On a side note I read that the script for Heman is amazing. Hard to believe but I can hope so.)

October 16th 2009 - Where the Wild Things Are - a Classic childrens book but hard to see where they would go with this for a movie. Poster looks like an oscar bid movie.

November 6th 2009 - A Christmas Carol - The muppets have done this, which makes me wonder why Jim Carey would want to take a stab at it considering the over the top has been done... but he is good.

The Wolfman - Don't really know on this one. Wonder if there will be a ridiculous basketball dunking sequence.

November 20th 2009 - Planet 51 - Funny Aliens with a lost Astronuat. Good times.

Sherlock Holmes - Robert Downey Jr has proven that he can pull off almost anything. The real question is can Guy Richie make a movie that doesn't feature guns, drugs, sex, and alcohol as a mainstay. I am hoping for a good movie.

Narnian Weightloss Centers

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Are you feeling a little thick around the middle? Do you have some extra weight packed in? Are you packing an extra White Witch around your waste?

Don’t worry! We got you covered.

Wither you are looking to get results gnome free or a Telmarine styled program our weight loss experts have you covered.

Our workouts take no time at all and even if you were to stay for years, when you stepped out of our Wardrobe Workout Portals NO TIME WILL HAVE PASSED. That is right work out without loosing any of your precious time!

So stop by on of our conveniently located Wardrobe Portals and let us get you into “fawn” shape. Seriously, when is the last time you saw a fat fawn. Think about it.


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I was surprised today to find out that Barrack Obama would not be sworn into office today. Instead it would be the Undead Lincoln highbred known as Obamalincoln. Okay, actually it is only every media outlet in the world that wants you to believe that Obama and Lincoln are exactly the same and that Obama will emancipate us from the slavery of war and banks and big bad republicans.

On a slight side note I heard people on the radio this morning discussing wither or not they were taking the day off of work for Inauguration Day. I don’t remember that being a holiday.

But more to my point it that were there are very small similarities to Barack Obama and Lincoln, they do not run very deep.

Barack Obama has already received a very large swell of support. Lincoln was even the favorite in his party when the convention came to Chicago where Lincoln was nominated for his first term. In fact Lincoln’s greatest show of support came just after his assassination. Booth popularized Lincoln as a martyr for the country that in many regards felt he had mismanaged the war.

Lincoln started a civil war. He could have abdicated his position and allowed the southern states to continue with slavery and succeed from The Union but he refused and instead gathered troops to fight against their fellow countrymen, not a popular move at the time but in retrospect clearly the right one. If he holds to his campaigning, Barack Obama will stop war. Two polar opposites for men who are being compared to each other.

There are more contrasts and I haven’t taken the time to indulge in the similarities. Other outlets have covered those thoroughly enough, but here is my point. Barack Obama is not Abraham Lincoln. We need to let him be his own President and leave the comparisons for a later time.

Besides, the last thing this country needs is anything to happen to this man. So let’s not connect him to a man who was martyred for his cause.

I don’t agree with his politics but he is now responsible for trying to fix a failing system. My prayers go out to him and his family that he might have wisdom, insight and health.

The New Stimulus Plan

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Is it just me or does the stimulus package look a lot like a plane partly submerged in water?

The Older I Get

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I trek yet again to the same solar synopsis as I had the year before seen and it is the more clear that nothing can become as crystal clear as I might hope for. I am aged. I feel it slipping into the fabric of my own desires. It, as a tide of pain and frailty, has ascended the sandy shores of my hopes and landed upon my heart as well as my body. How many more trips can I expect, if expectations are at all to be trusted?

I have cried and buried. I have laughed and loved. I have yawned and slumbered. I have stared into the core of things. I have seen nothing.

As each of us ambles towards that distant and indistinct shore we are not the courageous victors that our childlike aspirations would paint us to be. I myself have spent a quarter of a century pursing vain attempts at glory that I would distain with my whole heart, for wealth that would imprison me as quickly as I would have it sent me free. Yet there is no hope of grace in my desires, little had for the hopeful and companionship for the hapless.

I am squandered of my own devices, torn from my own dreams by the utter disillusionment of my own desires.

But furthermore I have come to grasp the need for a deeper purpose than I can of myself aspire. Some calling that goes beyond the short breathe of my own existence. Without it melancholy is the only recourse and the murmur of disappointment the beacon call.

Yet as another year springs upon me, I am yet still and steadfast. Perhaps I can will impunity move towards those goals which humanity is unable to attain and unknowing of. Perhaps, or sadly I may be complacent with another year.

Saddest Sunset - Lili Haydn

Dan Gerberry

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I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the starting center for Ball State. He is awesome.

He plays with such tenacity and passion that most people cannot bear to stand in his presence. When he extends his powerful phalanges, the strongest of men tremble for they know that death is near. He is the only college athlete to average 15 kills per game.

With his tasseled curly locks and rippling muscles he routinely rips defensive linemen in half and feast upon whole lambs that he keeps on spits on the sideline, next to his golden throng. Cheerleaders are offered to him after each touchdown.

You might wonder if he is going to play for one of the NFL teams. No. He will become his own NFL team known as the Kansas Gerberry. He will win every Lombardi Trophy until he retires to rule the galatic confederation. He is also immortal.

Suck on that Tebow. Gerberry Owns you.

Have some Tea

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Come in my friend and have some tea with me. Let the hot liqour heal your fractured soul and replace your animosity with a general milaze of joy.

What? You want to know if I have milk. What for?

You want to put some in your tea?

Get out.



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