Excerpt from my journaling

July 4th 2010 - North of Grand Marais, MN


Yesterday we got ourselves into a bad situation. We set out around noon to do a seven and a half mile hike. It was beautiful to hike up in the boundary waters within sight of Canada. The views were spectacular, the nature pristine, the water we had for drinking... insufficient. My hydration pack sprung a leak, so halfway on the way out I ran out of water. We got to our destination, realizing that the trail guide gave the wrong length. Before starting back we checked our water supplies and realized that everybody was below half full. We all made it back with only dehydration and heat sickness, but the last few miles and over an hour nobody had water. The hike took us about 6 to 7 hours and we went over 9 miles. The terrain was consistently in motion with no flat spots. Lesson Learned, always take the water filter with you.



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