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I am been on a recient rampage, extolling the virtues of Craigslist. More specifically, the fact that on Craigslist you can find awesome things under the free section.

My wife and I got a really amazing bed frame for the guest bedroom in our apartment on it. What a fantastic deal!

Yet there are those of you who are still skeptical. You don’t think Craigslist free has anything worth looking at. Well, I am about to enlighten you.

Craigslist free has got Goat baby! Free goats?! Are you kidding me! This is the type of thing that makes the world awesome to be alive in.

The Bucket List

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The movie “Bucket List” tells the tale of a pair of gentlemen, finding themselves on death’s doorstep, prepare a list of things they would like to do before they die. My question is why should we have to wait until we are set upon by that icy hand before we set out a list and bend our lives toward them.

In essence we all do. They are our goals and only the nerdiest of us actually write them down and create a path that will help guide us to our goals. Although, now having said it, the whole concept sounds pretty good.

As is a tradition for list of mine, I will write my accurate list and then fill it up with horribly trite ideas.

My Bucket List

Have a novel published
Catch a snipe
Be a father
Successfully wage land war against Asia in the winter
Find the cure for asthma
Enjoy a film with Drew Barrymore
Have a root beer tab in my basement
Visit both Western Alaska and South Eastern Alaska
Release an album, preferably Indy-rock
Eat my body weight in chicken wings in one day
Get into shape and loose 60 lbs
Flap my arms faster than a hummingbird’s wings
Spend over 1 month straight in Alaska
Build a log cabin
Build a chopper
Sleep in past 12
Visit New Zealand
Find the Holy Grail
Write a movie script that gets filmed
Own a radio station
Own a house
Attack a condor in mid-flight
Pass the troll from under the bridge as part of modern society
Have a 50th wedding anniversary with Gina (My Wife)
Figure out what is in Spin-dip.

What’s on your list?

I am fairly certain most of you have heard rumblings, at the very least, of the new film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. In this film Ben Stien asks the question why the discussion of Intelligent Design is not allowed to take place in America’s Scientific Community. Why are professors who even mention the topic being ostracized by their peers?

In the film Mr. Stien allows the professors who have been shut out the chance to express their frustration. He also allows the scientific community to specify why they don’t want any discussion of Intelligent Design to take place. The point of who came off looking better is not up for discussion. The scientists defending Darwinism didn’t look like members of the intellegencia. Rather, it appeared that their best defense was to call anyone who questioned the notion either moronic or ignorant.

The film even goes forward to draw parallels between the hostility toward Intelligent Design and the Nazi Regime. Before anyone tries to say that this was a ploy from a Jew to relate horrible footage of Nazi atrocities to Darwin Evolutionists first has to consider two points. Firstly, He supported the claim with historically accurate information about the role Darwin’s theories played in the Nazi propaganda and mentality. Secondly, many comparisons have been made between our current president and Hitler with absolutely no historic facts and there have been no complaints lodged. The president has been set.

The movie takes the time to explain how Darwin’s understanding of the cell differs from what we now know. Darwin’s claim was the Origin of Species and the scientist defending Darwinist Evolution made little claim to any knowledge of origin.

Throughout the movie it was made clear that the people who believed in Darwin’s theories were adamant that he was correct and that any concept to the contrary was a stupendous miscalculation. There fervor in protecting what they believe brought many questions to my mind. Their tactics removed any sympathy.

Is Darwinism a religion?

Webster’s Describes a religion as a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. For those of you who have taken the time to watch the movie, Webster’s definition could not more characteristically fit the defenders of Darwin’s theories.

They were aggressive and passionate in the defending of what they believed to be the core of humanity. Their rhetoric, with a few simple changes, could easily be transformed into the rhetoric of the “Creationist Fanatics” they so boisterously despise.

Evolution is a theory of Darwin’s and not fact. Since it is not confirmed by any substantial evidence or studies, this theory is solely supported by men and women who believe in its accuracy. It’s not a very large leap to call these individuals who follow Darwin’s teachings, Darwinians.

Their cause, as explained by them, is to put religion as it is currently understood, beneath science. Might it not be said that their science has become their religion, consuming their energy and conscious thought? It isn’t much of a stretch for anyone to see that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is simply a belief system held by many, and in that sense not a great deal different than any major religion in the world.

It might have been said that Darwinian Evolution doesn’t permeate into the morality that religion does. Yet the adamant defenders of the theory of evolution in this film explain, in great detail, how it does. Darwinians claim that the theory provides a release for people, without substantiating the claim, and relate that experience to their own. They in essence explain how it dictated their own ethos.

According to the evolutionists Darwin’s Theory of evolution shaped their moral judgment, beliefs in God and beliefs in general. Therefore, by their admission it is a religion. So then why are they teaching it in our schools?

Perhaps it is time that we upheld the ruling of Separation of Church and State and demanded that this religion not be taught to our children at school.


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I am taking a week off while I am switching jobs. So the chances of an actually humorous post is pretty thin... Yeah, things are going pretty much as they normally do.

Awkward Love

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There is a website I frequent that sells outdoor exploration items for between 50 and 80 percent off. Today they are featuring a pear of gloves. I would like to give you the description of the gloves so that you can enjoy the mastery of the wording.

The POW Men's Stealth Gloves bring classic style, modern weatherproofing, and tough, supple goatskin together for premium hand comfort in piss-poor conditions. These under-the-cuff gloves have the performance to back up their unquestionably good looks, so you won't be cursing when the clouds open up and you're riding in six-inch-per-hour zero visibility. Goatskin leather has the paradoxical qualities of soft, buttery feel and super-durable resistance to abrasion, without being heavy or stiff in the cold. Underneath, the eVent waterproof breathable insert keeps your mitts dry as a bone, while Thinsulate insulation and a microfleece lining provide low-profile warmth all winter long even if you get them wet. You can make sweet love to these gloves and know that they will respect you in the morning.

Okay, so I added the last sentence but it followed the rest of the description. I think the person who wrote this piece has spent a little too much alone time with those gloves.

Book Recommendation

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Ever since my wife and I took our honeymoon in Alaska last October we have been reading as many books related to Alaska as we can. I stumbled across this book.

Wild Men, Wild Alaska is a fantastic read, filled with great stories and the simple truths about life that drive us all to stare at the stars. I recommend getting it and reading it. It's worth the money.

I don't want to spoil the book so I am not going to give you any big hints except to say that the author is a well renowned hunting and fishing guide in Alaska and has had some big league guests. There is a less than subtle pun there. 

Just get the book already. Geez.

A Growing Threat

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Minneapolis has a serious problem that is growing at nearly the rate of y=cos(.85x)+1.6x per day. That problem is nerds. In their roving street groups know as “NERDS!!!!” these intellectual giants have been administering random audits and periodically braking into binary solos in an urban environment not ready for their edgy thesis papers.

Many scientists have failed to speculate on what is causing the nerd uprising because they themselves are participating in the movement. In hopes of finding out the secret to the popular nerd bulrush on society many laboratories have been flooded with sociologist attempting to find what pushed them from the lab to the slab.

One simple cause and effect analysis points to the growing libido of scientist since the increase of beverage stimulus into their natural habitats.

“Nerds are consuming more Red Bull than ever,” local 7-11 Terry Williams noted, “And I heard one of them saying that their chances of encountering females interested in their genital would have to nearly triple by the minute just by leaving the lab.”

It is commonly know that female scientists are not interested in procreation of their own species, but is the simple fact that there are more women outside the lab pulling these social outcasts from behind their microscopes and into a bar stool?

What is clear is that simply removing the scientist from the lab doesn’t address the underlying problem of nerds’ social ineptitudes.

Man on the street Franklin Johnson comments, “They hit on women saying stuff like, for you I would let pie equal 3.15. Man, you cannot pick up a chick like that. You can tell them about pie, you got to buy them pie so they can eat it. You should probably buy them some drinks too, especially if you look like me… Can you edit that part out?

The speculation will undoubtedly continue until a sell out scientist writes a book about it and becomes famous thereby garnishing him the worship of various gold diggers and tramps. Other scientists will make remarks about quality of research over quantity and the author/scientist will be discredited by his peers well after he has passed away.

9/11 Conspiracy

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9/11 Conspiracy Theories 'Ridiculous,' Al Qaeda Says

"We flew an enormous plane into a building, okay. I think we know how it crumbled."



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