Here in the cold...

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The pain cut through me like the primordial yowl that echoes amidst the bitter cold of winter whilst the wolf defies the clambering death that floats atop the ridged air. So quickly then taunt the muscles of my body had drawn themselves in an attempt to stave off another such attack. In fear of the following assault I quickly withdrew myself will all cordial efforts being made. With a stiffened stride I traversed the dulcet room, pausing only briefly at the threshold to regroup my faltering ambitions. One hallway and three doors stood between me and my remedy but already the mounting pressure was glistening on my forehead. Heavily my breaths fell as I drew my hand across my brow to stave off the effect of gravity and hobbled across the hodge podge design of the floor’s covering. With each step the pain rebounded from it subsiding and lashed out upon me for my attempts to silence it. Each step carefully calculated and slowly executed and to exclude the pain from this maneuver. Slowly I wobbled my way down the corridor stopping the breadth of each sway as my hands came crashing into the wall in stride with each step. Finally the first door swung upon revealing the small corridor to the next door. With a quick lung my hand reached the second door and flung it aside. There was the sum of every fear my mind was able to construct. Standing between myself and the final door near a stream of steady water was a mass of a being known as a “Buffet Indulgous Maximus” or the “North American Double-Fat Male”. I knew that the next breath I was to draw through my nostrils would more than likely to send me reeling back thru the two doors and into the hallway. I had to decide whether to brave the potentially harsh elements or try and hold it while I scampered to the bathroom the floor below. I gotta stop eating Taco Bell for lunch.



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