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I have been thinking for a while about what to say and how to go about relating my emotions and thoughts over the whole ordeal. I thought about sharing my story but so many already have and I am not sure that it helps.

Firstly in case someone out there reads this and does know me, I am the guy whose fiancé was on the phone with her cousin. We believed at the time that she had called right when the bridge was collapsing. This is because frantic and inconclusive information. Thanks CNN, for having the picture be of me with my mouth open.

It was an hour before we found out that Erica was all right. She was on the bridge and fell quite a great distance but all in all she is fine but extremely sore. She is very resilient and it is ever impressive to me how well she is responding to the whole situation. She is strong.

During the hour when we didn’t know where she was it was quite an ordeal. The fear, helplessness and over all shakiness we experienced during that weight still hangs heavy on me and I cannot, despite my own desires, shake those feelings.

Erica has reiterated multiple times that she would like people to pray for those who are not as lucky as we were, for those who do not share our fate and cannot hold those they care about.

Here is a picture from the Star Tribune that shows Erica’s situation better, I think, that I could with unlimited time and space. I had a friend put a circle around her car and you can see her standing next to it. With some rough estimations we believe that she fell about fifty or so feet in her car.

I could express further the blessing it is to have Erica safe. However, I would rather spend the time to relate the exquisite job that the many men and women who comprise our first response units did. They are all of our heroes. Their efforts assure every person in Minnesota that in a time of crisis we all have the best chance to be rescued and out of harm's way. I am so proud to be a Minnesotan today. Thank you seems to leave so much left on the table.

To those of you who were there and in any way aided others, you all are the character that makes me proud to be a citizen alongside you. I am proud of you and your altruistic and lifesaving efforts. Human beings, Americans, and Minnesotans stand tall on the shoulders of the selfless heroics that you exhibited.

In a time that has been eclipsed by tragedy the honor and bravery for all who participated in the rescue efforts has made a moment of immense sorrow and fear a moment that will be heralded as one of the finest this state has ever seen.

The medal and make of all those involved is only barely overshadowed by the remorse and mourning we all feel for those whose lives were claimed by this immeasurable misfortune. Our prayers, thoughts and efforts are for you. We, if we can, will give of ourselves in order to ease your suffering, but weep you must and we will weep with you.

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  1. Blogger Adam Omelianchuk 

    Good post, Ted. Love the graphic.

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